About amit May 31, 2022

Small, micro, nano. That's the way to go.

We are passionate thinkers, ideators, disrupters, creators situated in a small city called Indore. We cater to a small number of clients with our big, small ideas. We are well connected with the largest customer base in the small cities, towns and villages of India.

We believe that small is the new big.

This adage is proved consistently at Orcomm as we deliver comprehensive, creative and critically applauded solutions for our client’s brands to reach a large audience in the heart of Bharat.

Strategic ideas
executed with common sense

Strategy forms our core. It’s not what we do, rather how we do that helps break the clutter. We believe creatives are just an expression to a sound strategy, making them fresh, focused and fun. Our master blend of strategy and creativity lends magic that unfailingly works.


It only starts with a name and a unique mark. Between this to an identity, there’s plenty more to a brand. If you already have a brand, we will infuse new energies into it and if you don’t, we will create one that will last forever.


Right from defining the purpose to delivering the right customer experience to garnering advocacy for your brand, we do it all for you. The what, where and how of brand building is what we bring to the table.


Design at Orcomm is not an output but a way of thinking. Our internal philosophy of “functional creativity” helps us develop purposeful, thoughtful, powerful and impactful brand expressions irrespective of the medium.


Brand building is not a one time affair. It is a constant churning of ideas, execution, measurement, adjustment and implementation. We help you do it all for as long as it takes to achieve the ideal brand perception and position.

When you are small
you are many things

We are quick. Real Quick.

In today's day and age, time is money and our team loves not just meeting but beating the deadlines. They simply 'Stand and deliver'. That’s what we are known for amongst our clients. And 12 years on, the records still exist.

We take ownership

Once we have an understanding of your marketing problem, it’s not your problem anymore. We take complete ownership of the brand as an extension of your team. After all, we are also building a brand for ourselves.

We work for ROI

We understand the value of investments you are making into your brand and we feel accountable for every penny you spend. Our endeavor always remains to minimize costs and maximize impact.


  • 3 High ChaIrs at the Best Media Info Rising Star Awards 2021 including category, overall strategy and the top honour of Rising Star of the Year
  • Hermes Creative Awards 2016 Platinum for Communication/Marketing Campaign – No Negative Monday
  • Silver Maddys for Integrated Media Campaign - No Negative Monday
  • DMA ECHO Bronze for Interactive Film
  • Silver at Campaign India Digital Crest Awards
  • 3 INK awards for No Negative Monday – Gold for Best Contextual Newspaper Advertising and Silver for Best Innovation in Newspaper Advertising and Best Advertising Campaign